Buyme is Zambia’s largest online used car marketplace, where anyone can buy and sell a used vehicle. Founded in 2013, buyme connects a diverse and passionate community of individual car buyers and sellers, as well as, businesses. We aim to bring about a revolution in the distribution of automobiles in the local market. We look to acquire fist place as the biggest automotive website in Zambia that offers users complete car-buying information.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Our Business

Buyme is Zambia’s largest online used car marketplace

Our marketplace gives an opportunity for sellers and buyers to meet and discuss their transaction online. The efficiency that our marketplace brings in the automobile industry makes vehicle ownership much easier for every Zambian.

Our system has been built to capture key buyer requirements of time, value and communication. Buyers can communicate with sellers over the system to discuss their purchase and get the best deal. We are continuously improving our system to better meet our customer requirements. Our goal is to bring a revolution in the distribution of automobiles in the country, and link buyers and sellers through a robust automobile information system.

Through the used car market, you can now drive that vehicle that you once thought was too expensive to drive when purchased brand new from the showroom.

Benefits of using Buyme

  • Access to a wide range of used vehicle stocks from both individual retailers and wholesalers
  • Free access to used car agents – No more need to look for used car agents. Buyme provides it all.
  • Online price negotiation – our inquiry system allows for sellers and buyers to negotiate privately online. This consolidates, simplifies and accelerates the buying process.



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